GEOTECH Prototype RF-700 Wedge

  • conform grooves → maximal spin-rates

  • milled back side → perfect weight distribution

  • forged carbon steel → soft feedback


Model 3162F #GW #AW #SW #SW
Loft /° 50 52 56 58
Lie /° 63,0 63,0 63,5 63,5
Head weight /g 300 300 302 302
Bounce /° 11 12,5 13,5 15

GEOTECH Prototype RF-700 Wedge

The Prototype RF700 Forged Wedge has a rounded tear drop shape and is forged out of premium s25c soft iron. It has a vertical flow thickness design where the top half of the club is made very thin with the mass and weight of the club concentrated on the bottom half. This helps the club head flow very easily through any lie. The RF700 Forged wedge comes in 4 different loft and lie combinations with plenty of bounce, which is preferred by tour players. The extra bounce allows the head to be extra versatile around the greens.

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